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Black Sesame Extract

Product Code:607-80-7
Main components:Sesamin
Formula: C20H18O6
Specifications:90% Sesamin

Product Description:
Product Name: Black Sesame Extract
Botanical Name:  Sesamum indicum DC
Part Used: Seed
Specification: More than 90% Sesamin
 Molecular Formula: C20H18O6
Molecular Weight: 354.35
Appearance: White powder 
Brand Name: Hunan Nutramax Inc.
Model Number: Nutramax-SSE
Test method: HPLC
Extract Method: Ethanol

What is Sesame Seed Extract produced in Hunan NutraMax Inc .?
Sesamin is a compound found in sesame oil. It belongs to a group of fibrous plant compounds known as lignans, along with a closely related cholesterol, aid in vitamin E absorption, protect the liver, and contribute to weight loss. It is additionally believed to have

Where will Sesame Seed Extract used to?
1.It uses in Pharmaceutical health care products, beverages and food additives.
2.Inhibition of influenza virus, Sendai virus and Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
3.Agriculture as a synergist of pyrethrins.
4.Clinical observations have a certain effect on bronchitis.
5.For anti-virus, fungicides, antioxidants, insect synergist treatment of bronchitis.

Application of Sesame Seed Extract
1. Applied in pharmaceutical field.
2. Widely applied in healthy products field.
3. Beverage and food additives.

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