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Software Dept.
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 Software Dept.

Job: network promotion commissioner (1-2position)

1 Job Description: Responsible for webdesign and search engine optimization, match up with each department for thenetwork promotion;

2, Requirements: better familiar with webdesign, PHOTOSHOP and other image processing;someone with related workexperience of internet promotion,GOOGLE, Baidu optimization is preferred;

3, Major: Computer Applications or computernetworks and other related professionals;

4, Education: college

5, Age: below 36 years old;

6 Gender :No limits;

7 Other requirements: healthy sunshine,team spirit;


Job: Software Maintenance Commissioner (2-4Position)

1 Job Description: Responsible for softwaredevelopment, hardware and software maintenance work, in cooperation withforeign trade management software sales, maintenance;

2, Requirements: software development,sales experience is preferred; familiar with database software is preferred;There UF, Kingdee, Alibaba software experience is preferred;

3, Major: Computer Applications or computernetworks and other related professionals;

4 Education: college;

5, Age: Below 36 years old;

6 Sex: No limits;

7 Other requirements: healthy sunshine,team spirit;


Administrative Personnel Department

Job: Administrative Officer

8, Job Description: Responsible foradministration and personnel management; personnel recruitment, institutionbuilding, corporate culture;

9 Requirements: Administrative Personnelexperience preferred; have government agencies work experience is preferred;

10 Professional: Chief of Personnelsecretarial and other related professionals;

11 Education: college;

12. Age: Below36 years old;

13 .Gender: No limits;

14. Other requirements: healthy sunshine,team spirit, leadership style;


Sales Department (3 Position)(TCM pharmacyrecruit a person, an English major marketing or e-commerce professional person)

1 Full-time college education, has CET-4;

(2) working in the business, engaged indomestic and international sales;

(3) Good English communication skills(written and spoken), non-English majors had CET-6 priority; English majorsTEM-4 preferred;

4 has some expertise in herbal extracts,herbal similar professional is preferred;

5 requires long-term work in Changsha City.

Development, testing department personnelrecruitment: (1 -2 position)

1 specialist or higher education, workexperience and quality aspects have used high performance liquid chromatographyand ultraviolet spectrophotometer detection equipment is preferred

2 plant resources engineering, pharmacy andother related professionals, CET-4;

3 worked in the R & D department,engaged in research, development of natural plant extracts;

4 have some English skills (written andspoken), English had CET-6;

5 herbal extracts have a strongprofessional knowledge, familiarity HPLC, UV detection instruments;

7 requires long-term stability in ChangshaCity.

8 rural origin who has hard-working,thrift, spirit of cooperation is preferred.




1 treatment negotiable. Once hired, sign laborcontracts;

2 Buy medical, pension, maternity insuranceafter one year;

3 The company has a good developmentplatform, there is a strict system of bonuses and commission;



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Department: Administrative PersonnelDepartment Hunan Nutramax Inc.

Time: 2014-2-17

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